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In Person & On-Line Bidding: Day 1 Offers 500 Lots Consisting of A Wide Variety of High Quality, Professionally Maintained Conventional & Moving Lights; LED; Consoles; Processing; Cable; Dimmers & More. Everything has been Performance-Tested Prior to Sale by PRG, the Global Leader in Production Technology and Solutions in Theatre, Music, Corporate Events, Television, Film and Broadcast. All equipment is located at PRG's Secaucus, New Jersey Facility.DAY #1 Features 100's of Moving & Conventional Lights: VL3500 Spot, Wash & Beam; Martin Mac Viper Profile, Rush & Wash; Robe Robin Pointe & Spikie; MagicBlade; MagicDot; Clay Paky Mythos; ColorBlast; ColorBlaze; ColorSource; Bad Boy Spot & Wash; Source 4 Lekos 36/26/19/14/10/5 Degree; Source 4 Pars; Fresnel; Softlight Fluor & More; Fleenor, ETC Net3 & DMX Gateway Control Systems; Gobo Rotators; Martin Atomic Strobes; Mirror Balls; 1,000's of Feet of Cable: 5'/10'/15'/50'/75'/100'/125'/150'; Truss: 12"x12" 5'/6'/8/10'; Dimmers; Power Distros; Sensor 48 & 96 x2.4 Dimmer Racks & More! SAVE-THE-DATE.

Professional Lighting Equipment & Rigging -Day #1- PRG New Jersey

  • Inspection Monday, July 18, 2022 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm ET. 

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